It was launched this month, the first version of J2EE Spider, an open source project about Java code generation. For now, Bruno Braga is the only developer on the team. The main concerns of the project are usability, integration with development plataform, freedom to choose which code needs to be generated, incremental development generation and customization of code templates to better fit the needs of the development team. Besides, other concern is support for several technologies like Struts, JSF, Tapestry, ... Only Struts is supported by the first version of J2EE Spider. The project is new, and the development took place at the beggining of this semester. Some videos, samples and downloads are available on the following links: Videos: Downloads*: WebSite: * The J2EE is an Eclipse plugin. Its contents need to be placed under Eclipse folder. For those who are curious about the project, watched the videos and installed the J2EE Spider, feel free to leave your thoughts and regards, they mean a lot to us. =)