International Conference for Java Development in 2 weeks


News: International Conference for Java Development in 2 weeks

  1. The International Conference for Java Development (Feb 26 - March 2) is hitting New York in 2 weeks. This conference is the first technical Java show to hit New York (most are usually held in California) and features the Java University and the most extensive J2EE/EJB technical track I have seen at any conference.

    Some of the awesome talk titles presented:

    Architecting a Content Delivery System using Java, XML, and WAP (Alex Chaffee)
    Real-World Solutions Using EJB (Dave Young)
    Enterprise Jini and Design Patterns for Adaptive Distributed Systems Architecture (Daniel Gill)
    Automating Workflows with Enterprise Java: A Case Study (Derek Ferguson)
    EJB Design Patterns and Optimizations (Ed Roman)
    EJB Security (Larry Koved)
    Advanced EJB Design Strategies (Floyd Marinescu)
    Extreme Programming with EJB! (Jason Westra)
    Using Java Reflection to Improve Enterprise Application Design (Michael Portwood)
    How JMX Enables Flexible Administration of Java Systems (Tyler Jewell)

    Visit/register for the international conference for java development.

  2. Good to know that international conference will be held at newyork,hope conference will give confidence for J2EE professional irrespective of .NET beta released into market with lot of hype.

  3. JavaCon 2001 was last held in San Jose. Its a good thing they have brought it to the east coast this time. So don't miss out. They have excellent speakers like - Martin Fowler,Todd Lauinger,Peter Haggar,Ed Roman,Kent Beck. Too bad Robert Martin is not giving his presentations this time.
  4. Don't forget my talk :-)
    UML to EJB, Implementing Object Models in J2EE

    I am writing a chapter for an upcoming EJB book (Wrox) based on the material from this session.

    The conference in Santa Clara was great. New York should be a fantastic event. See you there!

    Tim McAllister