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    i have a simple entity bean and a client (java application)
    iam calling entity bean from the client and updating the
    database with a value (ex 200), then from the sql prompt
    iam resetting the value to some other value and again running the client now the data in the table is inconsistent
    it does not reflect the data i had made from sql prompt
    this problem is because ejb load is not called second time when the client is run again,i had kept the tranacation attribute as TX_REQUIRED DBISSHARED property of the database as true for entity bean,
    i want to know why ejb load of entity bean is not called twice even though iam running the same client two times
    please suggest any solution

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    Let's get the obvious out of the way first. Are you using Oracle SQL*Plus? Did you commit the change? Can you see the new value in other SQL*Plus session? What is the app server?
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    Yes Iam using oracle SQL*plus for doing a update, yes i had commited the change,i chekced for new values in the database
    its there, we are using weblogic server 4.5.1,but updated values from SQL*plus are not reflected in the entity bean
    as it is using the old data before update.
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    OK. Now we need to know whether you use CMP or BMP. If BMP, can you show the code for ejbLoad()? Can you also show the code for the business method you call from the client?