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    Hi, I have some Java code in a web app that programatically accesses an LDAP server to retrieve user names in a given group. When traversing the SearchResult results object, I query for the member's name using the attribute ID "member" - however if the application is deployed on a different LDAP server like Domino then I have to use "uniqueMember". Is there a programatic way of finding out what string to use for attribute ID, so I dont have to keep changing between 'member' and 'uniqueMember' each time the app is deployed differently. Thanks!

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    You could probably check the objectClass, Domino would use dominoPerson for person records. Some info here : http://www.codestore.net/help/help6_admin.nsf/f4b82fbb75e942a6852566ac0037f284/715915cede8d461685256c1d00393b5d?OpenDocument