Weblogic-8.1: how to read WEB-INF/lib/struts.jar


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  1. Hello dudes, i´m using weblogic8.1 and i believe its with a older version of struts, without org.apache.struts.forms.DynaActionForm. My problem is, how to make weblogic use the struts.jar inside my WEB-INF/lib instead of the struts.jar delivered with weblogic? Regards, lottalava
  2. Either you can replace the Weblogic Specified struts.jar with your jar or set the classpath such that only your struts.jar available at WEB-INF/lib is invoked rather than the one available in Weblogic Lib.
  3. Make use of manifest.mf inside *.war:/META-INF. Otherwise open Weblogic console set the preference of classloading.