Parasoft SOAtest 5.0 released


News: Parasoft SOAtest 5.0 released

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    Parasoft has announced the availability of Parasoft SOAtest 5.0, a comprehensive and collaborative test and analysis suite. Designed specifically to ensure secure, reliable and compliant Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), the new release simplifies testing through multiple layers of business applications. The new release has tests for service level agreements and security compliance, and integrates with BEA's Aqualogic SOA product. Tests run rapidly with immediate feedback, allowing developers and deployers to assure that their services work from a data perspective (i.e., inputs and outputs match expected values) and from a security perspective (i.e., WS-Security, port requirements, or encoding requirements are met). SOAtest is a commercial product. Sales are conducted on a per-customer basis, to assure that Parasoft is able to cater to a particular organization's needs, and to minimize customer effort in learning how to use the product.
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    Any indicative costing are we talking hundreds or thousands?
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