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    I am new to web services.We want to use axis in myeclipse 5.1,in which default support is xfire.So can anyone help me how to use axis in myeclipse 5.1????? Thanks in advance. Digesh kmar sahu

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    Download the eclipse plugin from http://ws.apache.org/axis2/tools/1_1/eclipse/wsdl2java-plugin.html
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    Hi Rakesh, thanks for u r reply. I am currently using myeclipse5.1.I have put the downloaded folder(Axis2_Codegen_Wizard_1.2.1) in the plug in directory of myeclipse.But it is not working.When i put it in eclipse 3.2,it is showing in the project wizard,but when i am trying to click it ,it is saying it cannot load the class(org.apache.axis2.tool.codegen.eclipse.CodeGenWizard).So can u help me in this regard. With regards, Digesh kumar sahu
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    If in understand correctly, what you need to try is the latest version of the plugin (might be the download you use had some bug etc.). Also as an alternative approach, try downloading all the other Axis2 eclipse plugins (I mean for a given version all other eclipse plugins like code gen/wsdl gen etc etc). There could be a possibility that some other plugin contains the class. Regards, Rakesh.