TSSJS: Early bird deadline is this Friday


News: TSSJS: Early bird deadline is this Friday

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    The early bird deadline for registration at TheServerSide Java Symposium is this Friday, February 9th. After Friday, the price will increase $100. Remember, this year's TSSJS will be at The Venetian, March 21-23, 2007. TSSJS offers over 70 breakout sessions across 5 tracks: Architecture, Persistence, Presentation, Development/Methodologies and our new Case Study and Community track. This year, we have expanded the focus on Ajax, Spring, Grids and SOA. The speaker lineup includes Erich Gamma of IBM, Thomas Kurian of Oracle, Marc Fleury of JBoss/Red Hat, GWT’s Bruce Johnson, JSF’s Ed Burns, Google’s Neal Gafter and many more.

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    The Java Symposium is still way to expensive for anyone that isn't sponsered by some large company. I as a student, receive a whopping 400 dollars off the entrance price. Woohoo. That means entrance is only $1000. talk about incentives. I am a big fan of Rod Johnson, Interface21 (back in J2EE Des&Dev before it became Spring), Hibernate and would of course love to see/hear Rod in person. Unfortunately, I am only interning at IBM in germany at the moment and their motivation to drop $1000 + hotel + flight for me to fly over to LV for a few days is...shall we say...not of the utmost importance. Ive paid my way into the yearly LinuxWorld convention in NYC before but they only charge 1/4 of what the Java Symposium extorts. How can TSS justify $1000 entrance tickets for students???