Connection Pooling with Websphere and oracle 8i


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Connection Pooling with Websphere and oracle 8i

  1. I'm trying to use the connection pool manager provided by Websphere 3.5 and it is not working. If someone has used connection pooling with IBM Websphere and Oracle 8i, can you please help me?
  2. i used connection poolin sometime back with 3.0. i will let u know what i can recall, may be it gives u some lead on 4.0. what u have to do is define a JDBC driver, then create a DataSource - against ur Oracle Database(IP address, port and stuff). also map this DataSource to the JDBC driver defined earlier. u can specify the initial pool, max pool and stuff for this datasource. this DataSource u created is registered as an instance of javax.sql.DataSource in JNDI. all this is done using the management console i.e using the visual interface. u dont write code for this.

    then in ur code use the JNDI API to get the instance of DataSource u created using the typical lookup method. this DataSource acts as a factory for ur JDBC connections. u have to call getConnection (or something like this) method against this datasource. thats it, u just fetched a JDBC connection form the pool.

    u shud get all this from the help documention thats comes along.

    hope this helps. lemme know.

    have fun with websphere. its a great product.