Very dumb/simple question about access.log files.


EJB design: Very dumb/simple question about access.log files.

  1. I am trying to write a program that parses access.logs in real time...but i rather simply have a listener on "Class" that is used in Apache HTTP WebServier or Tomcat, just before it writes to the there such a class? if so where is it..and does it have a way to "listen" on it before it writes to the access.log or does anyone have a good "pattern" to use to listen to the access.log for changes that i can pick up pro grammatically in real-time.
  2. I dont understand your question completely.. But from what i make of it ... I think a Filter will solve your problem. Its a J2EE web application feature that can be implemented for any servlet. and configured in web.xml. You can do the logging to any file before or after request/response. -Vinant Pandey
  3. I know about Filters, but the "access.log" that a webserver writes to using the "Extended log format" that is what i am speaking of. Not the custom log file that lets say apache log4j would use, and i could write to it directly in the code..