Word 2007 file(docx) construction using Java


XML & Web services: Word 2007 file(docx) construction using Java

  1. In my current project we are creating word 2007 document at runtime. I am developing Java component that takes word 2007 template (dotx) files as input and it also fetches values from external web services. Then this java component builds actual word 2007 document (docx) file by merging the values into template file (replacing values with placeholders). Since I am new to word 2007 open xml file format, I am facing difficulties in parsing and updating the dotx/docx files. Is there any Java API that can be used to parse and update the word 2007 file formats? Or How to parse and update the Word 2007 file using java?

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  2. Yes, you could try docx4j.
  3. I have to update the word document at back end and save in FileNet. Can you please let me know how to go about it. Thanks Ravi
  4. Javadocx[ Go to top ]

    You may consider using javadocx (http://www.javadocx.com). There is a LGPL version that you may download from the website.
  5. Free version hardly useful[ Go to top ]

    The free version of Javadocx does not provide any of the features that are not basic.

    It is useful if we need to create a simple extended hello world docx which is not the case in any real time environment.

  6. You might also want to have a look at the Free DocxFactory Project. It has a ton of features, like, barcodes, charts etc.

    The project will also be open sourced and published on github in the next couple of months.