I need that Java language evolve quickly! (Like VB 9.0)


General J2EE: I need that Java language evolve quickly! (Like VB 9.0)

  1. Can Java language evolve quickly like Visual Basic 9.0 (and Java Platform like .Net PLatform)? I mean, about six or seven years ago Visual Basic was a toy language... but today Visual Basic is impressive... If you don't believe me... just see this please: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms364068(vs.80).aspx Sometimes I think that Java community hides the head under the Earth (like the ostrich), ignoring kindness of other platforms… Perhaps it's time for recognizing that Microsoft is making an excellent work with .NET (and languages .NET), and similar characteristics are due to incorporate in Java . Perhaps it is time to make evolve the Java platform without shame to copy the good things of Microsoft: - ( Or I am in a mistake and, after 17 years, Java already counts on things such as properties, events, support to query expressions similar to SQL, like those of the article that I mention, etc? PD: Please to understand this like a constructive critic.
  2. can we get this removed? Because you are not making any sense.
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    I dont make such random comments which doesnt make any sense .. looks like you dont know what you are talking about .. you are making all the java community like in a hole or something .. i think they have equal brains .. you should probably remove this ..