Version 0.8 of LiquiBase, an LGPL database refactoring tool, has been released. This release completes our name change from "Sundog Database Refactoring Tool" as well as adding several new, unique features including preconditions, execution contexts, control over error handling, improved documentation, and more. Change Log Preconditions Preconditions can be specified at the beginning of each change log to both document and enforce assumptions the writers of the changelog had when creating it. Currently supported preconditions check the type of database (MySQL vs. PostgreSQL) and the username of the database connection. Execution contexts Change Sets can now be tagged with a "context" in which to run. This allows you to control which will be executed in any particular migration run. Contexts can be used to ease management of test data sets and to allow you to more easily create a single change log that is compatible with multiple DBMS systems. failOnError ChangeSets can now have a "failOnError" attribute which controls if errors executing the changeset will cause the entire database migration to fail or not. New refactorings "addNotNullConstraint" and "dropNotNullConstraint" refactorings have been added. Comment tags We have added a "comment" tag. Currently it is just ignored, but future releases may make use of it. Improved documentation We have officially launched with greatly improved documentation. The documentation is also included in the downloaded .zip files as well. Many, Many Bug Fixes As we approach 1.0, we have added an expanded set of unit and integration tests which have helped us flush out many bugs and will continue to make sure that old issues do not resurface. Download LiquiBase from