Hello, I've just release XINS 2.0 beta 1. XINS is an open-source Web Services technology, supporting SOAP, XML-RPC and REST. It consists mainly of an XML-based specification format and a Java-based implementation framework. From its specifications, XINS can generate HTML, WSDL, client-side code, server-side code and test forms. Users do not require knowledge of any complex formats, such as XML Schema. This 2.0 version adds (compared to 1.5.2): - Support for JSON and JSON-RPC as protocol - Import of WSDL (wsdl-to-api target) - Import of XML Schema - Better integration with the Spring framework - Better support to write your Web Services in scripting languages - _WSDL meta function - More utility methods * Home page: http://xins.sourceforge.net/ * User guide: http://xins.sourceforge.net/docs/ * Demo: http://xins.sourceforge.net/demo.html Happy development, Anthony