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News: Direct Web Remoting Version 2.0 Released

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    Joe Walker has announced that Direct Web Remoting 2.0 has been released. DWR allows Javascript in a browser to interact with Java on a server and helps you manipulate web pages with the results. The new release includes Reverse Ajax which allows Java on the server to remotely control browsers by publishing scripts to them. DWR 2.0 has a JavaScript Proxy API, which allows one to create effects in Java and send them to the client side with reverse Ajax. Seeing effects in Java code - and then watching them execute properly on the client side - can be amusing and quite useful. DWR selects the communication method suited for an Ajax application based on programmer needs, transparently. The code for creating some features is remarkably light with this tool. The release notes have more details about DWR 2.0's features.
  2. CONGRATULATIONS! to Joe et al DWR is a wonderful tool.
  3. Congrats guys, this is best tool for creating ajax experience - Mittal
  4. Thanks a lot for all your work Joe, DWR really excels at its purpose.
  5. Thanks Joe on a grate tool. Presentation in London was brilliant and thanks for solving a cross-domain problem for us. It was nice chatting to you. All the best!!!
  6. I would love to see DWR working with Adobe Flex. Does anybody know of any implementations? RP
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