Review of web service frameworks and tool


XML & Web services: Review of web service frameworks and tool

  1. Hello! I have to review the web service software. There are lot of web services sw are present, but I don't know how to get out of it. Can you help me? Sorry for my very bad English :p Up to now, I found these: - Tomcat+Axis2 or Axis2, - Java Web Services Development Pack, - Web Services Invocation Framework, - Windows Communication Foundation - XFire - JSON-RPC-Java I want only popular sw, but I don't know if these are popular or if there are others ... :P Thank you for your patient! Bye, Kay*
  2. Hello Key, I advice you also to have a look at XINS: Anthony
  3. Hi Kay, You may like to try out JAX-WS RI. Check out, -vivek.