com.bea.wls.ejbgen.EJBGenException: while generating sources


EJB design: com.bea.wls.ejbgen.EJBGenException: while generating sources

  1. Hi, Am trying to generate sources for a message bean using ant generate task : contents of generate task are: mesage beans has this annotation : @MessageDriven( maxBeansInFreePool = "200", destinationType = "javax.jms.Queue", initialBeansInFreePool = "20", transTimeoutSeconds = "0", defaultTransaction = MessageDriven.DefaultTransaction.REQUIRED, durable = Constants.Bool.FALSE, ejbName = "VIICMessageBean", destinationJndiName = "VIICQueue") but am getting this error whie executing generate task: [java] Exception in thread "main" com.bea.wls.ejbgen.EJBGenException: ejbName is a required attribute [java] at com.bea.wls.ejbgen.Bean.createBeanSpecificTags( [java] at com.bea.wls.ejbgen.Bean.( [java] at com.bea.wls.ejbgen.MessageDrivenBean.(MessageDrivenBean .java:29) [java] at com.bea.wls.ejbgen.EJBFactory.createBean( [java] at com.bea.wls.ejbgen.EJBFactory.createBean( [java] at com.bea.wls.ejbgen.EJBGenSGen.initModule( [java] at [java] at com.bea.wls.ejbgen.EJBGen.main( [java] at com.bea.wls.ejbgen.EJBGen.main( [java] at BUILD FAILED D:\VIICApplication\build.xml:44: Java returned: 1 any help in resolving this issue will be greatly apprectiated. Thanks

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    At least one case where this can happen is if you have a base class for your EJBs that implements MessageDrivenBean and MessageListener but does not define any annotations (only the actual EJB subclasses of the base class define the annotations). Possible fixes include: - Omit the base class source from the ejbgen task and only process the subclasses containing the annotations - Move the "implements MessageDrivenBean, MessageListener" from the base class to the subclasses