A Java EE 6 feature snapshot taken from Power Point slides available one Java One's website, Ryan de Laplante runs us through the various specs that will incorporate changes. Among them we can find :
Enterprise Java Beans 3.1: EJB components can live in the web tier. Package/deploy EJB components in a .war without an ejb-jar, EJB Timer Service. Java Persistence Architecture 2.0: Expanded O/R mapping functionality, Standardized Hints and Properties, Expanded Query Capabilities Servlets 3.0: Asynchronous Support (Comet) WebBeans: EJB 3.x technology components may be WebBeans, Decouple implementations of server and client. Java Server Faces 2.0: Allow for "zero configuration" web applications, no faces-config.xml, no web.xml. JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services
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