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    Hi..., We need a java tool that will convert HTML to PDF ? Are there such tools available? Any pointers/links would be helpful. Regards, Praveen

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    Hello, We used a commercial .NET component (ABCpdf .NET), wrapped it as a webservice to create PDF doc's, since we did not find a sufficient Java component to suite our needs. ( provides the same for you if you are not able to wrap or host it yourselves. We also took a look at: PD4ML (Java commercial), problems with divs, javascript and flash. ABCpdf.NET has much better support for that. Open office, does not import css and has no div support, unsuitable. Good luck, Johan
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    This is what we do, using just free stuff: - convert html to xhtml with JTidy - apply some small XSL conversions to make the xhtml more tasty - convert xhtml to pdf via CSSToXSLFO (internally via XSLFO using FOP) It is quite a stack, but it works fine for simple html, even if not everything it is effectively under control. Hope this helps. Michele