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    I was wondering what people thought were the coolest uses of EJB at Java One, besides the "Who wants to be an EJB Expert" gameshow at The Middleware Company booth (it had a session bean back end).

       Personally I was blown away by a demo from the JBoss (an open source app. server) who were manning the Telkel (JBoss's sponsor) booth. They are trying to pioneer the J2EE hosting marketplace, and showed me something really impressive:

       They uploaded a WAR and a JAR to their remote server via an html page, and the remote server installed and JAR+WAR immediately and started running the app! This was simply the best example of J2EE automation I have ever seen. They even had a remote debugging facility to find problems in the deployment.

        This demo stands out as one of the coolest uses of Enterprise Java at Java One. Does anyone have any other cool stories to share?

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    I thought that the GemStone message was very impressive. Their message of EJB being risky and GemStone providing a survival guide was compelling. I very much like how they linked up their booth theme with the recent advertising they've been doing in the major Java pubs.
  3. This technology is less directly related to J2EE than app servers, but I really liked what InLine is doing with Software Application Manufacturing.

    The idea of standardizing UML profiles for several conceptual levels is great. When you add to the mix a tool that allows to instantiate software patterns, you got a methodology that has a good chance of becoming standard.

    I am really looking forward to their Fall release of next-generation stuff.

    - Gene Florintsev