jKool is a complete, stand-alone solution for monitoring J2EE application performance. It supports WebLogic, JBoss and WebSphere Application Servers, featuring server and servlets monitoring, support for JMS, JDBC and Java methods and databases Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server and MySQL. It includes centralized access for monitoring multiple applications and servers, one-click drill-down, real-time start and stop for live metrics collection, full performance history, custom queries and security and permission control. jKool - A Fast Easy Solution * Installs in just minutes * Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality that’s simple to use * Intuitive graphical displays Delivers immediate results jKool Key Features * Shows complete user click stream through web-based J2EE and SOA applications * Measures web-based transaction performance end to end * Provides real-time and historical point-in time views on demand * Lets you start and stop live data monitoring whenever you need to * Shows full spectrum of response time statistics including minimum, maximum, average and actual * Drills down to JMS, JDBC, method calls, servlets and sessions with simple one-click option to view live session details * Creates custom queries to locate sessions that exceed your specified thresholds * NEW!! Supports jBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere Application Server If you would like to learn more or try a free demo, please visit http://www.nastel.com/index.php?mod=page&ctg=106