Structure101 for Java Version 3 from Headway Software is now available in beta. Version 3 introduces the ability to define software architecture diagrams, make them visible to the whole team via the IDE and warn developers if they add or change the code in a way that is inconsistent with the defined architecture. Structure101 Version 3 adds: 1. A new Architecture perspective in the structure101 client automatically creates architecture diagrams from the code, lets you edit these interactively, and map architectural elements to the physical code. 2. A new structure101 Eclipse plug-in makes the project architecture diagrams visible to each developer and warns them if they make inconsistent code changes. 3. The updated structure101 web application makes the architecture diagrams visible in a web browser, and provides RSS alerts when new violations make it into the project mainline. A free trial of structure101 for Java Version 3 beta can be downloaded from Structure101 client and publisher are available for Java on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and priced at $499 and $999 per node respectively. Structure101 IDE plug-in and web application are free.