JointLogic Web Designer 1.4.0 released


News: JointLogic Web Designer 1.4.0 released

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    JointLogic has released JointLogic Web Designer 1.4.0, a commercial HTML designer and CSS designer package, for Eclipse 3.3.0. This release officially supports Eclipse 3.3/Europa with WTP 2.0 and fixes several stability issues. All customers and evaluating users are encouraged to upgrade. JointLogic Web Designer is an Eclipse plug-in that consists of two components - HTML Designer and CSS Designer. HTML Designer provides WYSIWYG authoring of HTML and XHTML documents and fragments with support for embedding several server-side scripting and template languages - currently Apache Velocity Template Language, PHP, Ruby and ASP. HTML Designer provides authoring facilities like Toolbox, DOM inspector and Properties view. It integrates with CSS Designer to provide rich authoring of in-line CSS and embedded style sheets. JointLogic Web Designer costs $39.95, with a limited-time offer of $29.95 available at the time of writing. Message was edited by:
  2. man it was so bad last time i tried it.. it was as if no one ever tested it before releasing it. is it really worth a shot again ??? may be