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    Servoy is a cross-platform application development and deployment environment. Servoy consists of a GUI designer, is event-driven and runs scripts through JavaScript. Servoy allows applications to be deployed to both a native Smart client / Rich client and to a pure html Web client from the same codebase and user interface. Developers can build front-ends to databases -- without having to write any SQL code, even when combining data from multiple sources. Servoy is a Rapid Application Development Tool RAD with a zero deployment environment. Servoy is becoming a preferred platform for Independent Software Vendors ISV and as a replacement for many fourth generation language 4GL tools. Servoy applications can be deployed on all popular operating systems including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris and other UNIX systems. It has been reviewed by MacUser Magazine, where it received a 4 mouse rating. MacUser Servoy Review Applications developed with Servoy can access data from all popular SQL back-ends such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Sybase, OpenBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird; and combine data from different databases into a single user interface UI. The Servoy suite of products consists of Servoy Developer which you can use to build applications; Servoy Application Server which takes care of the "communication to the clients"; and Servoy Smart Client which runs on the device -- PC, mobile or other -- of the end-user. Servoy also offers a Runtime version that allows the creation of standalone Servoy applications. Servoy Server includes Servoy Headless client. This feature provides developers, in addition to having a rich Java client, with the option to deploy their solutions through a browser. With Servoy Headless Client, the client runs on the server and communicates through JSP JavaServer Pages with the desktop PC (or mobile device such as a PDA or cellular phone) via 100% HTML.
  2. Servoy doesn't use jsp in there main web part. (it has a headless client that uses it but that was built for simple integration of external systems) The web part of servoy uses wicket and the solution you make is just as easy deployed on the swing client as in the browser.