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  1. Hi All, Please help me with ideas as to how to achieve my following goals for my new project: I have an struts 1.2 based web portlet application,which needs to maintained daily for my business.I would like to make this application to be completely managed by UI rather than coding even a single line. Please let me know how I can make this possible,I lack ideas,I have good expore to web applications for 3-4 years. What I am having in mind is : 1.To create an Admin UI studio to manage the struts presentation layer ,for example if I need to add,remove,update any kind of UI elements, like if I want to change the label for an element, or need to add new question in my form say a new input text element,delete an element, all these should be done using admin UI studio. a)Certain web design elements can be assumed like layouts and css using jsr 168 Themes. b)Should I use xml+xsl for presentation, or xhtml or html should also work,currently i am using html(default for struts 1.2) in that case will I have to move from struts 1.2 to struts 2.0 ? c)how to incorporate struts-ajax stuff if I need to include ajax features d)How can AppFuse project can help me in this regards. e)is it better to use XML to store the UI structure when using Admin studio and on publication to server I read the UI definition (Structure) and render as xml+xsl or xhtml or HTML only. f)How to handle ActionForm,can I used DynaForm is it proper way to go ?,also validation should be configurable using Admin Studio,so that struts validation framewrok can be generated using xmlbeans to xml generation for validation.xml ? g) 2.My form should be dynamic in nature and should be able store the form data in the database. a)is Hibernate the right framework for database persistance ? 3.Dynamic Form Validation support using Admin studio. 4.Business logic seperation from my struts application which should also be configurable,say if can use Jboss Rules engine to accomplish this task. 5.Admin Studio should be capable of staging the changes and publish the web application to my live server on demand. 6.dynamic web application creation and deployment using ant tasks in java. I am looking for open source projects which can help me to quickly integrate and create this project in less time. If anyone has any expereince in these areas please help me with your experiences and thoughts. Advance Thanks.

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    Hi Guys, Awaiting some discussion on this topic if some has done similar stuff or an suggestions are most welcome.