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    I have a JSP which connects to MySQL.
    It queries the database and retrieves the result in recordset.

    Ok now my problem is I want to display all the data in a form which contains various textboxes,
    combos and TEXTAREA.

    Populating varchar and date datatypes accordingly after formatting in textboxes and combos is no problem .
    But my database holds LONGTEXT in MySQL /MEMO datatype in Access Database.
    which I need to display in TEXTAREA.

    " My admin will be editing the displayed data and again feeding the modified data to MySQL."

    but as u know we use value=<%=.....%> to populate the textboxes ,I similarly need to populate the
    textarea.But VALUE=????? property is not supported by textarea.

    Guys please help me if there's any other HTML component or any other wayout to display
    huged data whci can be edited.

  2. You're right that TEXTAREA does not have a value attribute, but any text between the start and end tags will be displayed in the TEXTAREA when the page loads.

    <textarea name="ta" rows="5" cols="30" wrap><%= ... %></textarea>

    For more info...

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks man..

    I think i've got the thing done.