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News: Article: AJAX and Web Services with WSO2

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    The Web has become the dominant way to deploy applications. Web applications have numerous advantages over traditional desktop applications. However, the user interface of the application is one area that Web applications have traditionally been weak in comparison to their desktop brethren. The Web has progressed and rich Internet applications (RIAs) offer user interfaces that are competitive with desktop applications. There are many powerful technologies that can be used to create RIAs, but the most popular is certainly Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX.) This article shows you how AJAX can be used in conjunction with Web Services and how the WSO2 technology stack provides a complete solution for creating Web applications using AJAX and Web services.
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    Well written article and it takes an approach that we're big fans of. 1) Write your application as a series of web-services / or SOA end points (depending on which buzz word you prefer). These endpoints are stateless and are simple calls to 'do something' 2) Tie your bunch of endpoints together into a user friendly web application. Make Ajax calls to the web services as and when you need them. Simple to build. Simple to test. Simple for users. Paul (Blog posts on Ajax , Workflow and Web Services)
  3. Is your approach here any different from what was presented by James Snell of IBM on "Call SOAP Web services with Ajax" in 2005? In his case, there is no need to install any program on the server side. In other words, any currently existing Web Services in SOAP would work. Can your framework on the client side (JavaScript Library) handle the endpoints of cross domain URLs? Thanks for the reply!