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    Is it just me or are other people having problems compiling the examples that were on the CD rom?

    I have copied the examples to my c:\ejb folder. I have successfully installed JDK1.2.2.

    In the c:\ejb folder, I run env.bat to set the path and classpath.

    When I run compile_all.bat, I get several compile errors. Some jar files do get created but I can't import them into the eval copy of the WebLogic server. The import fails saying the jar files are missing the XML descriptor files.

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    Never mind everyone... I finally got my first EJB compiled and deployed into the app server.
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    I want the examples and EJB with JMS also
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    At this point, you can't get the examples if you downloaded the electronic book. You will have to buy the hard copy which includes the CDROM.

        A date for releasing the electronic format has not been established yet.