This pattern is based on the previous pattern (This pattern may be reviewed first and if you wish to know more, please review the previous pattern at): This pattern tries to emulate the proven Component based software engineering pattern for the physical products such as Computers and Automobiles. Hence hope/attempt to secure comparable productivity gains for the software makers. Introduction to new software construct “Hierarchies of swappable module”: The least explored and the most useful character of the Software Components: Anatomy of Component-Based Engineering: Usually encountered the following three concerns, which are addressed in the website and/or in the previous patterns: A. It may not be possible to build software applications by hierarchically assembling swappable modules. Where each module is loosely coupled and we must be able to swap by changing on average 7 lines of code or less. B. Such perfect/better loosely coupled parts may have already discovered. Software researchers may be already building complex applications by hierarchically assembling such loosely coupled swappable software modules to build applications. C. There may be no advantage in building the software applications by hierarchically assembling swappable modules. So the processes for building applications by employing “hierarchies of swappable modules” may be not very useful. The website ( has too much information (unfortunately needs better organization), but has all the necessary information to address the above concerns. Best Regards, Raju