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    Hi all, i want to develop a webshop. Constraints: 1. JAVA :=) 2. Use Spring2 for the business logic. 3. Web-Interface with fancy ajax magic (eg drag'n'drop) 4. Web2.0 features: user-rating, comments, ... So I am thinking: With what framework/technologies shoud I solve my case ? Here are a few thoughts from myself: 1. Backend: Integration of Hibernate seems solid -> use it. Or is an ORM overhead for a Webshop ? 2. Web Framework: - JSF: kinda meet with disapproval (not mine!) - Struts2: matured - Spring MVC: has someone seen success-stories here ? - Tapestry: no clue 3. Ajax-Framework - Dojo Toolkit - DWR - Prototype with OpenRico - Scriptaculous (Prototype) So, has someone experience with interaction/interoperability of this frameworks, especially Web-FrameworkAjax-Framework ? And what about this frameworks in the context of webshop-systems ? I'm a bit overwhelmed by the topic, so thanks in advance for any thoughts and reports Paul

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  2. I would use wicket as web framework. Development cycle is pretty fast and ajax features (specific part replacement, header contribution) are out of the box - no additional javascript (ajax) library is needed.
  3. my stack would be: wicket + postgres + ibatis + guice and/or spring in wicket, reusable components are trivial to write and use and the vast majority of AJAX features are coded in java.
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    There are open source web shops available too, but if you want to make your own. Be very careful with frameworks – they are not as good of idea as they are told. I would use JSTL, because it’s supported by Sun. In these frameworks the application gains a lot of architecture – layers after layers and you need to learn a lot to get the most out of the framework. Now it’s common to use hibernate with spring but you get a heck of a lot files before your first item is set to the dispatching basket. And always remember less the code better the application – that law is always justified in programming. So my recommendation is like this: JSP on JSTL + request/session beans + one or more application bean + mySQL 5 database. Use heavy SQL query caching in application bean layer – and you may use caching in JSP –pages. That way you have application that is fast with sensible architecture – and no extra code. - Every code line is possible bug – less code better the application