I am using struts framework. I have an ArrayList in the form. I have set the list in the form object and forwarded to the jsp page. If i submit the same page again, does form retain the list object in it? if so, when it can retain and when can not? public myForm extends ActionForm { private ArrayList myList; setter and getter goes here... } The following is code snippet in action class... execute(ActionForm form, ActionMapping map, HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) { MyForm formObj = (MyForm)form; ArrayList mylist = new ArrayList(); mylist.add("item1"); mylist.add("item2"); return map.findForward("myPage") } myPage.jsp ...... ...... if i submit this page agian..does form object retains the list in it? Is there any other case where a form can not retain a ArrayList after submiting?