We are running an EJB application on Jboss application server. I have a question on readonly entity bean, In our application we are creating read-only entity bean from the client, but data in persisted through another service after sometime (not immdediately). We rely on this entitybean remaining in cache. But what we have seen is manytimes, jobss is loosing this readonly entitybean from the cache after its created,and then it calls findbyPrimeryKey (immediately after we created entityBean). Since data is not persisted immediately, we get finder exception, and loose all the data until later it gets replicated to our database. But this behaviour is very inconsistent. This does not happen with every single entitybean we create from the client, but this happens very inconsistenly. we are not able to identify what makes Jboss to remove recently created entitybean from the cache? any help will be appreciated. thanks, Nisarg