Eclipse Foundation podbyte The notion that Eclipse is just an IDE is a common misconception amongst many of us working in the Java space. Eclipse is in fact much more than this. In this podbyte recorded at a JUG event in Cologne, Wayne Beaton of the Eclipse Foundation gives us a very quick review of the bigger picture. In the spirit of a shootout, Wayne gives Roman Strobl (NetBeans evanglist) a nice little dig in the middle of his explanation. NetBeans podbyte Roman Strobl, a NetBeans evangelist from Sun Microsystems, recently demonstrated JRuby support in NetBeans. Before starting the demonstrations he gave this brief explanation as to why Sun would be investing in JRuby. Oracle podbyte At the recent JUG event in Cologne, Frank Nimphius, Principle Product Manager from Oracle, addresses the question of why Oracleboth contributes to Eclipse and continues to develop JDeveloper. JetBrains podbyte The only commercial product at the recent IDE shootout put on the by the Cologne JUG was IntelliJ IDEA. Mike Aizatsky spend some tries to explain why they’ve not moved to an open source model. During the explanation Mike manages to rise a comment from Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation) adding a bit of spice to the event.