Spring has become a popular framework for Enterprise Java in the past few years, but should this merit its inclusion in the future Java EE 6 version. Bill Burke writes about this possibility in his blog:
Although EE 5 added some IoC capabilities, its still both verbose and incomplete. For instance, you cannot define graphs of pojos within XML and inject it into an EE components. This limits EE to having to solely work with primitives when doing configuration. Not very flexible. Beyond technical reasons, having Spring standardized would make EE 6 a compelling platform to migrate to just like annotations and Hibernate standardization made EE 5 exciting. Bringing the weight of the Spring community into EE would greatly strengthen and unify the Java enterprise space.
What are your thoughts on the subject ? Read Bill's post: http://bill.burkecentral.com/2007/09/03/standardize-spring-in-ee-6/