WS-* Implementation and Best practices - LINKS WANTED


XML & Web services: WS-* Implementation and Best practices - LINKS WANTED

  1. Hi, I need a good practical implementation of WS-Standards into one solution. Including WS-Security, WS-Transaction, including J2EE, best practices for code generation, best WS framework, etc. There is _nothing_ out there, to show a good reference implementation. I mean nothing. Not even a book. Have you got links ? Also - something I noticed lately, when playing with Axis2: why does Axis actually mix axis-framework-specific code with the deployed service' business logic ? Why is there no clean separation between them ? Why do I have to see implemented class-specific serialization method in my service class ? And why do I have to see the same on the generated client side ? It might boost performance, but it's hell for maintainability. I need a framework which can cleanly separate business code and framework code. Do you have ideas on this ? Thanks in advance, Jay
  2. Hi Jay, Metro ( provides *exactly* what you are looking for. Metro is the Web services stack from GlassFish community and provides a one-stop shop from a simple Hello World Web service to Secure, Reliable and Transactional Web service that interoperates out-of-the-box with .NET 3.0. GlassFish ( is an open-source, high-performance and Java EE 5 compatible application server. It implements a variety of specifications including the ones you mentioned. The complete list of specification in terms of WS-* is documented at: You can read more details about WS-* implementation in a comprehensive white paper available at: How to get started ? - Download GlassFish ( The Metro stack is baked in GlassFish. - Download NetBeans for all your tooling needs. - Learn more using a variety of screencasts at: Drop a comment on my blog ( if you have any more questions. Thanks, Arun