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    In "Practical JRuby on Rails," Ola Bini shows how to leverage JRuby and Rails in a Java environment - including how to use JRuby from within an EJB (and how to use EJBs from JRuby), integration with message-oriented systems, using web services from JRuby, and managing deployments. These two chapters provide an introduction to JRuby and Rails. Chapter 3: Introduction to Rails (the shoplet, used in chapter 4) Chapter 4: Store Administration
  2. I purchased this book last week and Ola Bini did an excellent job on it. It's worth picking it up and gaining exposure to JRuby on Rails. I believe the there will be more language merging in the near future. The JRuby is an excellent project and the performance is really picking up. With people like Mr. Nutter and Ola Bini, the project will really continue in the right direction. Great job guys! I expect to see great things from this project in the near future! :) Best Regards, Richard L. Burton III
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    Stop doing book reviews ... as I keep on buying them (JavaFX 2 days ago , this one today). Will read the E-Book later, hope it's as good as Richard says. Paul , People and Technology Blog