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    The wingS team is proud to announce the general availability of wingS 3.1. This is basically a maintainance release with noticable performance improvements, official WebKit support (Safari) and lots of other valuable enhancements. The java script libraries have been consolidated towards YUI, thus initial load time has been reduced to a minimum. Especially dialogs, the auto completion component and the calendar benefit from the smartness of YUI. There is now a plugin mechanism, that makes the integration of custom or third party components as simple as can get. Just drop in a jar (with all the component's artifacts like scripts, styles, templates, ..) and start using it: panel.add(new WhatEverComponent()); wingS 3.1 can be downloaded from Sourceforge. Check out the WingSet Demo! The wingS Project Wings is a mature web application framework based on Java Servlets, resembling the Swing API with its MVC paradigm and the event oriented design principles. It utilizes the models, events, and event listeners of Swing. Like in Swing, components are arranged in a hierarchy of containers, whose root container is hooked to a frame. Though MVC and Swing are well established and well known, most web application frameworks on the market are still stuck in the paradigm of page- flow oriented design principles and require a heavy mixture of different technologies like XML, Java, JSP, Tag- libraries, JavaScript, yet AJAX, etc. In contrast wingS offers a very efficient and sophisticated way to implement and design complex real- world applications in pure Java, enabling to fully leverage modern software design principles like inheritance, component- oriented design, refactoring and the like without making a stop on the web tier. As of version 3 wingS utilizes AJAX for incremental updates of the client (browser window). This happens in a completely transparent manner. The application developer does not get in touch with complex JavaScript code and asynchronous event handling. Read more about wingS on our homepage! Unpack and Play For those who are tired of bothersome installation procedures, there is an ant target included in the build, that starts a fully functional demo on jetty in less than a minute. Just download, unpack, call ant run-demo-wingset and point your browser to http://localhost:8989.
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    The wingS 3.1 WingSet demo was mirrored, in hope of better response times for North American visitors. It can be found here: