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    Hi there, I want to validate URLs from DB 24 hr once, using Struts/Hibernate/DB2. Invalid URLs should be notified by e-mails. Could anybody help me, which job scheduler will meet my requirement. I am looking at Quartz. Thanks in advance. Saran.

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  2. Quartz is great. We used it for many similar things
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    Yes, Quartz or Thread.sleep() or Flux may work, depending on how many of these jobs (requests) are open at a time. The fewer active jobs you have and the fewer demands you place on them can dictate the solution you pick. Cheers, David Flux - Java Job Scheduler. File Transfer. Workflow. BPM. .
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    JobServer is another option. It is an all java job scheduler with a nice Java/GWT plugin API for writing tasklets and giving tasklets GWT GUI interfaces for customization. It has lots of nice reporting and tracking features and very good scheduling rules. Rauf "The SOA Automation Company"
  5. I would like to know if anyone has successfully used quartz in a clustered (weblogic 9.2 MP1, Oracle 9i) environment. I came across this bug within quartz, which made us move away from quartz: The above case would be an issue for us, which will not be resolved until quartz 1.6.2 comes out. We also looked at Weblogic Job Scheduler but doesnt seem to work in a clustered environment. Any one got it to work in a clustered environment? Here are some reference URLs related to Weblogic Job scheduler: Did anyone use EJB 2.1 timer service succesfully in weblogic 9.2 environment? Thanks for your time in advance. urdost
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    Try Stonebranch for job sceduler and managed file transfer