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    Hi all, I'm not a very experienced J2EE developer. Recently, I'm trying to write an application which is divided into 3 tiers: * business logic level (running on a J2EE server) consists of EJB components. * orchestration level (running on a J2EE server) which will accept requests from client applications (not web browsers) and talk to business logic level components to achieve certain tasks * client level will run heavy client applications which will talk to orchestration level across internet connections. My question is: what communication method/protocol will be suitable for the communications between these 3 tiers. The options are: * RMI-IIOP * XML-RPC * SOAP * Other :) P.S. Transfer of binary data is also required Could some one please give me some advices of which communication methods shall I use? Performance is the priority consideration. Please help. Thanks!! Joe
  2. I would choose SOAP because it is interoperable that you can change any of the tiers into something else such as .NET or other platforms without worrying the interface.
  3. If you are sure that you 'll stick to Java in all tiers.. then go for EJB. Compared to Webservices.. EJB are much faster. But if you want clear seperation between tiers then you'll have to go for SOAP.