TSSJS - Super Early Bird offer expires Friday


News: TSSJS - Super Early Bird offer expires Friday

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    Now is the time to register for TheServerSide Java Symposium - Our Super Early Bird offer of $300 off expires on Friday. The TSSJS agenda is vendor-neutral - each session is handpicked by the TSS.com editorial staff - and has been designed to help attendees cope with what you, our TSS.com readers, have told us are their most significant challenges:
    • Choosing a framework - With the proliferation of new Java projects and frameworks (at last count, there were over 100 frameworks), developers need help to sift through the myriad of choices and invest their time and resources effectively. TSSJS helps, with framework sessions offering real, comparative analysis of all the major players, according to their: Ajax and REST support, team issues, development sweet spots, scalability and advanced features.
    • Dealing with language heterogeneity on the Java platform - Polyglot programming is quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. At TSSJS, learn how to become a multi-lingual programmer on the Java platform, and examine situations where dynamic languages are sometimes a better choice than Java, not necessarily for an entire project, but for portions of the project.
    • Building complex, Java-based SOA applications - Developers and architects need to know how to creating more complex apps in more productive ways, leveraging service-oriented architectures without having to deal with low-level, Web services APIs. Get past the hype around SOA at TSSJS.
    • Increasing industry dependence on scalability - Driven by a rapid increase in the number of cores per CPU, Ajax and RIA applications putting more load on server farms and the mainstream adoption of virtualization solutions, developers, architects and their teams need to know how to make smarter design decisions to account for scalability upfront, and how to make their existing apps and systems more scalable.
    • Building applications that handle large datasets and multiple data sources much more robustly - According to some experts, the heyday of the big general-purpose database system is over. At TSSJS, learn how to utilize specialized, high-performance database technology for document storage and how to leverage third party APIs to build highly scalable, available and low latency persistence solutions for e-commerce applications.
    You need real skills that will help you deal with today's real development challenges. TSSJS gives development teams, and their managers, those skills - Practical ways (and code demonstrations!) to deal with new languages, emerging security threats, increasing performance demands and shifting data requirements. And we do it in a vendor-neutral, intimate learning environment. Some of the speakers who will be at TSSJS in Vegas come March include:
    • Ben Alex, founder/lead developer of Spring Security
    • Jeremy Boynes, founder of Apache Geronimo
    • Don Brown, author of Struts 2 in Action
    • Holly Cummins, tooling developer at IBM
    • Scott Davis, Editor-in-Chief of aboutGroovy.com
    • Paul Fremantle, co-chair of the OASIS WS-RX Technical Committee
    • David Geary, author Core JavaServer Faces
    • Rob Harrop, Core developer of Spring
    • Ross Mason, founder of Mule
    • Eddie O'Neil, VP of the Apache Software Foundation
    • Randy Shoup, Distinguished Architect at eBay
    • Jim Weaver, Author, JavaFX Script
    Check out the complete speaker lineup and conference agenda. Remember - You can save $300 of the registration fee by registering this week.
  2. I am more interested in the Prague TSSJS. When will more information become available? The page still says "Complete details will be anounced in January". Patience has never been my strong point... Mirek.
  3. I am more interested in the Prague TSSJS. When will more information become available? The page still says "Complete details will be anounced in January".

    Patience has never been my strong point...

    Look for the website and registration for TSSJS-Europe (Prague - June 18-20) to go live on Monday, January 28. Ashley Graham-Wilcox Marketing Manager, TSSJS
  4. Thanks for the info. Mirek.