McObject's Java ME database demo application, ProScout, is now available with complete source code on the Mobile & Embedded Community site. The demo MIDlet incorporates the Perst Lite object-oriented, open source embedded database system for Sun's Java Platform, Mobile Edition. The Mobile & Embedded Community on Sun's Web site includes the ProScout demo MIDlet as a Featured Application in its ME Application Developers Project. The new ProScout pages provide freely downloadable ProScout source code, as well as a byte-code version of the MIDlet incorporating the Perst Lite embedded database. Also included are ProScout screenshots, Getting Started instructions, a file explaining database features used within ProScout, and links to technical articles and database resources. ProScout is designed to let sports recruiters discreetly take notes on their mobile devices. McObject's Perst Lite brings object-oriented database capabilities to devices based on Java ME technology, for greater efficiency and seamless integration with the programming language. Perst Lite is very compact, with its core consisting of only five thousand lines of code. It does not require administration, and it supports transactions with the ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) properties. [Editor's note: OODBMSes have been very active of late. What do TSS readers think about this? Is it good for you? Bad for you? Do you even care about OODBMSes? What about other DB technologies, like JCR or Spaces? Lastly, is the mobile stuff interesting to you? The mobile industry has been more active than the OODBMS industry, and TSS traditionally doesn't watch this space... but we're starting to.]