SQL Farm Combine 3.0 released, tracks database changes


News: SQL Farm Combine 3.0 released, tracks database changes

  1. JNetDirect has announced the release of SQL Farm Combine 3.0, a tool that is designed to record database changes for auditing and tracking purposes. This release introduces a change history database and a tool that offers a graphical interface. For SQL Farm Combine's purposes, deployment is database code, so when it tracks changes, it's solely from the database perspective. It has integration with various revision control systems, so changes can be controlled as needed, but don't be confused about what the changes are. One other thing to be aware of is that the product specifies SQL Server 7, 2000, 2005 - and makes no mention of any other database servers. It's unclear at first glance what technology it uses to communicate with the servers; if it uses JDBC (a possibility, considering that the parent company makes JDBC drivers for SQL Server as well) then it might be portable to other database containers. It's a commercial product; email sales at jnetdirect dot com for trial licenses and downloads.

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    But does it affect the performance in anyway ??