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    Michael Yuan, speaking Friday at TSSJS in Las Vegas on "Designing Compelling Web Applications for Mobile Devices," has posted a blog entry talking about some of the services he'll be demonstrating, including instant access to the session schedule, speaker blogs, TSS stories and news articles, and more. There's even an iPhone emulator for Safari and Firefox! :) The entire application is written with JSF and Seam. We'd planned on having a server on the floor showing the application in action from end to end (phones talking to the servers) and showing live data, but logistical issues got in the way. This is very, very cool stuff.

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    AJAX on a Microsoft IE Mobile? I must to see. JavaScript on IE Mobile 6 (WM6) is very poor and very buggy, I'm having serious problems to deliver some "decent" support of IE Mobile 6 on ItsNat. I'm achieving some AJAX and DHTML support with tons of hacks (hint: IE Mobile 6 doesn't have setAttribute...YET!!). I can't believe that Microsoft, one of the bigger companies in the world, with tons of money for testing, reviewers, beta testers etc can deliver SO buggy, SO poor software.
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    Jose, I have not optimized the view for IE Mobile yet. It just displays the standard XHTML page on IE devices without fancy effects that are available on iPhone and Nokia S60. But I would very MUCH like to have a specialized iPhone UI. I am making the project open source so that people can contribute to the view template of their favorite devices. If you are interested, please let me know! Thanks Michael
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    Opps, I mean I would very much like to have a specially optimized Windows Mobile view template (we already have a nice iPhone UI :)).
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    I'm going to publish a new version of ItsNat soon with IE Mobile support, you'll can find in the file itsnat_msie_mobile.js many hacks to do some stupid things as simulate setAttribute or manage options (add,insert,remove) of a select element (yes insertBefore/removeChild etc are broken in select, "options" collection is buggy and some important method is missing, this is the "state of art" of IE Mobile).