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    Hi Can someone tell me the use of filters in a J2EE app. i think whatever work the filter does can also be done using a just wanted to know why do we still have filters. Any real life application example where filters are used ? Thanks, Moin

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    Http filters are used for preprocessing and post-processing in a web app. For example, you can use http filters for authentication and authorization purposes. You can validate every access to each resource of your Web app implementing a filter which checks if the user has enough permission to access the specified resource. Check this out:
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    Thanks for the above post.... But i still do feel that the functionality described in the article above can as well be done using a servlet. I can do authentication or limiting acces using a servlet as well...i can also do the logging too. Since both the servlet and the filters get passed with the same ServletRequest object...i get a feeling that if i am building a web app, i can totally do away with filters. plz correct me if i am incorrect. Thanks, Moin
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    See for example filter's collection in JSOS: