Hi, This time I started following JNDI Tutorial. I downloaded the JNDI Tutorial and started studying and practising. Everything is going nice as mentioned in the tutorial. My doubt is when we are searching for name to object bindings; in a program it is given like "file:/tmp/tutorial". I am using eclipse j2ee ide. The workspace is in "D:" It is looking for "/tmp/tutorial" in "D:" but if I cut and paste this "tmp" folder in "C:"(like C:/tmp/tutorial) it is not working, compiler reporing some error at "C:". How to instruct the program to search in all available drives(like C:, D:, E: ...). Is there any way to do this. Also, from documentation of JDK, NameClassPair class will give object name and fully qualified class name and Binding class will give name to object bindings. My doubt is does the object obtaining from both of these classes are same, if not please, explain why? Thanks in advance, Bye Bye.