ESB War Stories and Learning Experiences


XML & Web services: ESB War Stories and Learning Experiences

  1. A colleague and I are interested in Enterprise Integration and would like to interview people who have either implemented ESBs in their organization or are considering. Things we are looking to gather are about the architecture, design decisions, implementation details and issues/concerns. The purpose of these interviews is to share the knowledge of developing, deploying and maintaining ESBs for developers/architects who are interested in learning about this uncharted territory. We will give credit to those who participate and any confidential information will not be disclosed unless permitted. We will be in California/Bay Area during the week of May 26th - 31st. If you are not in the Bay Area, we still want to hear from you. Please feel free to reply to this thread or contact us at mrburton (-at-) Kind Regards, Richard L. Burton III Dushyanth Inguva (Will be up shortly!)
  2. Hi Richard/Dushyanth I am a core committer of the Apache Synapse ESB since its early days from 2006, and also am the Architect and the Product Manager for the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) You can reach me at asankha AT wso2 DOT com for more information. asankha