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    Hi All, I got the below error first:- "Unable to parse setupCmdLine: null\bin\setupCmdLine.bat" to elimate the above error, I added the below value in ant.cmd ANT_OPTS=-Duser.install.root=%IBM_HOME%\WebSphere\AppServer Now i am not getting above error. But i am getting below error after it... could someone help on it please. was-ejbdeploy: [wsejbdeploy] Starting workbench. [wsejbdeploy] o0619.34 [wsejbdeploy] [*Error] An unexpected exception was thrown. Halting execution. [wsejbdeploy] Shutting down workbench. [wsejbdeploy] Error executing deployment: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. Erro r is [wsejbdeploy] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: lugin.BatchExtension [wsejbdeploy] at java.lang.Class.forName( [wsejbdeploy] at [wsejbdeploy] at [wsejbdeploy] at [wsejbdeploy] at [wsejbdeploy] EJBDeploy level: o0619.34 BUILD FAILED C:\CCSource\cmadmin_mwinecidev02_ECI_1_0_int\ECI\Install\autobuild\auto-build.xm
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    I had this error ClassNotFoundException on .BatchExtension I was using ant.bat instead of ws_ant.bat Once I switched it then it could find the BatchExtension.class file. This was using Websphere To: E:\Websphere6\AppServer\bin\ws_ant.bat From: E:\WebSphere6\AppServer\deploytool\itp\plugins\org.apache.ant_1.6.5/ant