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News: Database Connection Pool Analyzer for WebSphere

  1. IBM has released on Database Connection Pool Analyzer for IBM WebSphere® Application Serve on Alphaworks. This tool is intended to help resolve problems with Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) connection pools. Improper use of connection pooling is a common resource leak in enterprise applications. Resource leaks such as this will result in significant degradations in application performance. The description for this analysis tool claims that in finding these types of leaks, it can help you to improve the performance of your application by a factor of 20.
    For example, if a JDBC connection pool is deployed incorrectly and JDBC connections are not released after use, applications may suffer hangs, resource starvation, and other connection problems.
    The tool collected trace data from the JDBC connection pool manager. It uses this data to provide you with the source of JDBC connection leaks, wait times and counts of threads that are waiting on JDBC recourses and a number of other useful functions. You can find references to Database Connection Pool Analyzer on Alphaworks.

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    This is indeed a great feature. We have implemented such a feature about 4 years ago as part of JBoss AS 3.2.x and it has indeed been very useful to help users find bugs in their code. More information can be found here: - - see "track-statements" element - Cheers, Sacha JBoss, a division of Red Hat
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    This has been in JXInsight Transact (JDBInsight) since 2001. We have had this for so long that it is not even listed on our fact sheets which run from 2.x to 5.6. But [Out-Dated] Users Guide - Page 23, Chapter 5 Most importantly our solution works independent of application server/runtime and tracks more than just connections but result sets and (prepared|callable) statements as well. With our JXInsight Diagnostics you can do this for any type of object and we also allow you to tag objects which can associate them with a particular execution phase in a business transaction. Tutorial - Diagnostics Tags [Seam Booking] William