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    All, We have to build a new large business application which will be deployed on an intranet. Spring and an ORM have been chosen for the business/data access portions but what about the front end with the dozens of choices on offer? The constraints we have are maintainability, standards based and the ability to build pages relatively quickly. The pages need to have fairly rich functionality such as tree views, pagable/sortable tables and possibly drag/drop but not much else. Would you consider JSF/Facelets and perhaps RichFaces/Icefaces or go with something like SpringMVC/Struts with DWR. What about velocity, SEAM, jQuery etc What are people using and what would you recommend. We need to follow a "KISS" approach where possible. Any input appreciated.
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    In case you decided on technology, please let us know your choice. I am personally looking into trying Icefaces for small banking system frontend, but have no actual experience with it.