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    TheServerSide Java Symposium is in full swing in Prague, with sessions from the likes of Costin Leau (Dynamic Modules in Spring), Holly Cummings (Java Performance Tooling), and TSS contributing editors Kirk Pepperdine (Concurrency and High Performance) and Eugene Ciurana (Son of SOA: Event-Driven Architecture and the Real World). Of special interest were keynotes on RIA by Stephan Janssen and Dyanmic Languages by Neal Ford. The dynamic languages talk provoked a number of discussions on the role and evolution of such languages, which were explored further in a panel discussion later in the day Thursday. You can find further notes on the conference on Adrian Trenaman's blog at and from Shashank Tiwari, who posted on DZone at

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  3. You missed the keynote coverage:
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    I posted a quick writeup about stuff that interests me on